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Personalized AI Documentation For Clinicians

Join the Thousands of Clinicians Who Are Already Here and Thriving
  • Live Session Transcription
  • Practice Specific Documentation
  • Custom Note Templates
  • Billing and Coding Assistance

We are the only documentation platform trained to understand clinical context. We are optimized for Telehealth, automate documentation based on your instructions, integrate with your EHR, and allow you to upload practice-specific note templates.

Our AI Goes
Way Beyond Notes

Our technology captures and analyzes the nuances of your therapy sessions, transforming them into precisely formatted notes. The level of detail we provide ensures you have access to all necessary documents, including assessments, treatment plans, patient-facing session recaps, post-session dictation, compliant billing, and more.

​​​​​​​Clinical Notes AI is optimized for Telehealth.

How It Works

Create multiple documents during a single session!

Generate Intake and Assessment documents simultaneously saving hours of tedious note-taking and eclipsing outdated practices. Reclaim your time and invest it where it counts.

Experience Efficient, Accurate, and Comprehensive Documentation In Ways You Can Only Imagine.

1Press the live session or dictate button
2HIPAA compliant speech to text technology captures key insights
3Choose your note format. Review and approve your note or document
4Choose EHR transfer options. Move on to your next client.

Exclusive Features

Experience The Number One Documentation Platform In The Behavioral Health Space.

Thousands of clinicians are already here and thriving.

Generate Complete,
Accurate, & Precise Notes In Seconds

Clinical Notes AI positions your notes and documentation to align with the clinical specifications unique to your treatment protocols. Within seconds, your note is ready for review, editing, and EHR submission. It's truly that easy.

We are the most comprehensive
AI-based Clinical Documentation
Tool on the market.

Experience effortless documentation, stabilize your processes, and maximize your therapeutic impact.


Unlimited Dictations
40 Live Session Credits / Month
5 Document Credits / Month


Unlimited Dictations
Unlimited Live Sessions
Unlimited Documents

Reduced price upon request

Unlimited Dictations
​​​​​​​Unlimited Live Sessions
Unlimited Documents


Unlimited Dictations
20 Live Session Credits / Month
2 Document Credits / Month


10 Dictation Credits / Week
10 Live Session Credits
2 Document Credits