Clinical Notes AI Free Account

Our Free Account offers a comprehensive introduction to our platform, providing essential features needed to enhance clinical documentation without any cost. This account level is perfect for individual practitioners, small practices, or those new to integrating AI technology into their healthcare operations.


  1. Basic Transcription Services: Access AI-powered transcription services that convert spoken dialogue into text, helping you create clinical notes efficiently.

  2. Standard Security Measures: Even with a free account, your data is protected with standard security protocols ensuring compliance with healthcare privacy laws.

  3. Limited Note Storage: Store a set number of clinical notes and access them when needed, with options to upgrade for more storage.

  4. Access to Standard Templates: Utilize a selection of basic note templates that can be used to structure and organize clinical documentation effectively.

  5. Community Support: Benefit from the shared knowledge and insights of a community of users and access online resources for troubleshooting and learning.


  • Ease of Use: Get started quickly with an intuitive interface and no initial financial commitment.

  • Test Drive Capabilities: Experience the core functionalities of Clinical Notes AI without the pressure of a paid subscription.

  • Improve Documentation Efficiency: Spend less time on paperwork and more time with your patients, even with basic tools.

The Free Account is an excellent choice for clinicians who are exploring AI documentation tools or those who need straightforward transcription and note-taking capabilities without the additional features of more advanced account tiers.

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