Notes & Documents

Experience documentation flexibility like never before with Clinical Notes AI. Our system is designed to accommodate a wide range of note types, even enabling the creation of multiple document types during a single clinical session.

We turn dialogue into detailed documentation, highlighting patterns and insights that go beyond the session, offering educational value that helps refine treatment strategies and enhances learning outcomes for both clinicians and patients.

We provide you with pre-built standard templates for the most common use cases so you have the documents you need at your fingertips. You also have the ability to convert each note into public or private insurance compliant formats, instantly. Additionally, we give you the ability to provide us with practice-specific note formats for your use case and we add your unique templates into the system for you within a few business days.

  • 1:1 Therapy: SOAP, BIRP, DAP, ACT formats in the system

  • Therapy: Group, family, and couples notes: Our AI differentiates between multiple speakers and formats your notes according to the standards with more than 1 participants.

  • Supervision Notes: For individual and group supervision, you can conduct your supervision sessions with our platform and generate into proper and compliant format.

  • ASAM Progress Note: For SUD treatment facilities, we break out the ASAM dimention updates within a DAP note for progress based on the original ASAM assessment.

  • 1:1 Medical: SOAP, DARP, and multiple custom options

Our platform goes beyond progress notes to support your entire documentation journey. We’ve built templates to support many use cases that align with your profession. We support each template with a speaking guide so your clinicians ensure document completion. However, we understand that different practices have different variations of documentation and we support your custom templates as well.

Behavioral Health Documentation

  • Intake: We support multiple types of intake notes, including medical history, mental health history, ASAM intake, and more. Our AI can fill any type of intake form you have.

  • Assessments: Biopsychosocial assessment and templates are available with associated speaking guides.

  • Treatment plans: We have a multitude of treatment plans available for you to choose from. Substance abuse disorder, mental health, and medical.

  • Updated Treatment Plans: Some insurance requires updated treatment plans every 7 days. We enable you to combine your previous treatment plan with progress notes to create an updated treatment plan in seconds.

  • Safety Plans: If your clients are at risk, we support these as well.