At Clinical Notes AI we offer the most competitive pricing in the market. Our plans are designed to be accessible to everyone, from individual practitioners to large enterprises.

We offer customized pricing for clinics and enterprise accounts, complete with options for proof of concept (POC) projects and free trials, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs.

All plans include: Dictation, Live Session and Documentation Options.

Speak directly to Clinical Notes AI and covert your text into a perfectly formatted note or document.

Live Session
Automatically convert your live conversation into a perfectly formatted note, including session duration and key insights.

From multiple combined notes or a guided dictation, create treatment plans and more!


Unlimited Dictations
40 Live Session Credits / Month
5 Document Credits / Month


Unlimited Dictations
Unlimited Live Sessions
Unlimited Documents

Reduced price upon request

Unlimited Dictations
Unlimited Live Sessions
Unlimited Documents


Unlimited Dictations
20 Live Session Credits / Month
2 Document Credits / Month


10 Dictation Credits / Week
10 Live Session Credits
2 Document Credits

Experience The Number One Documentation Platform In The Behavioral Health Space.

Thousands of clinicians are already here and thriving.