Clinical Notes AI is the ideal platform for comprehensive wellness professionals, including therapists, life coaches, health coaches, nutritionists, and counselors. We provide documentation that allows you to intelligently capture session conversations, access perfectly formatted notes, key insights and insurance-compliant billing. With robust HIPAA compliance,we ensure client data security and confidentiality. By reducing the time spent on note-taking and enhancing the accuracy of documentation, our technology supports better client outcomes and improves overall practice efficiency.

  • Reduces Documentation Time: Decreases the time addiction treatment staff spend on documentation by 60%, reducing burnout and improving patient care.

  • EHR Integration: Our platform can directly integrate with your EHR. This is project based, but creates ultimate interoperability.

  • Custom Templates: Upload your templates and within minutes, our AI will create an AI based template that accomplishes the goals of every section in your template for treatment plans, assessments, progress notes, discharge, and other required documents.

  • Aligns with Patient Goals: Our platform captures and analyzes your session conversations, identifying and documenting interventions that align with patient outcomes and treatment goals.

  • Maintains Documentation Integrity: Ensures adherence to the golden thread of documentation, enhancing the quality and consistency of records for timely and accurate reimbursement submissions. AI has context of patient history and leverages previous documentation to maintain the golden thread.

  • Empower Leadership with Adjustable AI: With Clinical Notes AI, your leadership team will learn to tune AI for your specific outcomes. Our staff assists your team in AI prompt creation that will be utilized across your entire organization.

  • Standardizes Documentation Quality: Levels the variability in staff documentation skills by providing a consistent, high-quality output across your organization.

  • Accelerates Revenue Management: Notes and documents are created in minutes and immediately submitted, facilitating faster revenue cycles.

  • Increases Operational Profitability: By reducing time spent on paperwork, our platform allows clinicians to manage larger caseloads, boosting the profitability and valuation, of your practice.